Unique Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen

Cutting boards used to be considered a fairly standard kitchen utensil with no need to ever purchase any fancy or expensive types. As more people begin to appreciate both the preparation and consumption of foods these days, the methods in which we arrange and serve them has become even more important.

Unique cutting boards are those which stand apart on the market and differ significantly from your standard plastic cutting board. These boards have been custom made to identify the key areas that are important to the preparation of food, to ensure you are creating meals of the very best quality.

Wooden Cutting Board

Custom wood cutting boards have been particularly popular in this trend, as many are now realising that the natural qualities of wood which we revere for other items in our home can now be put to use in the kitchen as well. This revolution of cutting boards will hopefully see the end of the plastic chopping board era for good.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Cutting Boards

Regular cutting boards have not been without their purpose, as they’ve assisted in creating many meals in kitchens across the world. However, these thin plastic varieties fall short in a lot of ways when compared to custom cutting boards, and can be costing your family more than just a poorly prepared meal.


Many people assume that plastic cutting boards are more hygienic than wood, but many reports have shown this to be untrue. Plastic boards, in particular, can store germs deep in their surface which allows them to multiply and spread.


A plastic cutting board should be replaced every 12 months or so, depending on how badly it’s been damaged. While it may seem more cost effective to purchase these cheaper styles, over the years the cost will add up and you’ll find that you could have purchased one high-quality wood cutting board for the same price.


Even if you enjoy the functionality of these standard chopping boards, they are normally stored away in the drawer while not in use. In addition, nobody would be serving entrees to their guests on a plastic chopping board as it just doesn’t have any aesthetic appeal.

Knife on Unique Wooden Cutting Board

Damage to Knives

While a glass cutting board may be great at not harbouring bacteria, the damage they can do to your knives is extensive. These abrasive surfaces will dull the blade of your knife, meaning you have to constantly sharpen them or rather work with a blunt tool.

Custom Wood Cutting Boards

A custom cutting board has been specially crafted to address the downfalls of the traditional types and give consumers a product worthy of creating delicious meals with. These unique wood cutting boards are so versatile they can even be used to serve food with as they’re just as elegant as they are practical.

A custom cutting board that uses the end grains of wood is the most superior quality, and not just in terms of durability. When using a wood like acacia, there are visible unique patterns and a sleek surface which make them perfect as both a preparation area and presentation dish for meals.

Buyers must be cautious even when purchasing a wood cutting board that their product is high quality. There are many imitation kinds of wood available, in particular being used for kitchen products, so something with a durable quality wood such as acacia is ideal.

The Benefits of Unique Wood Cutting Boards

The trend of unique cutting boards is only going to increase, as people begin to realise just how much harm the inferior types of cutting boards are doing to their kitchens and guests. Here are just a few of the benefits to owning a wood cutting board in your home:

Hand Crafted Wooden Cutting Board


The appearance of custom cutting boards is what draws many people to them. A wood such as acacia has unique grain patterns which stand out among the other hardwood varieties and make it ideal for serving and preparing food. With these wood boards, you won’t want to store them away when they’re not in use and they will proudly sit on your kitchen benchtop waiting for their next opportunity to impress.


As the appearance of these boards is so stunning, you’ll want to use them to serve food to your guests as well as prepare it. Cheese platters, fresh roasts from the oven, and fruit selections can all be offered to your friends and family on these elegant boards and they’ll become a popular talking point at all of your parties.

These custom cutting boards can also serve as an over the sink device which allows you to prepare fruits and vegetables with your sink handily nearby.


The sanitary benefits of hardwood have been proven many times, and in particular their ability to keep nasty germs out of their surface. These unique cutting boards crafted from acacia wood won’t allow bacteria to multiply if caught within the cracks, and with extra maintenance every now and then you can keep them as antimicrobial as possible.


While the price of these custom cutting boards may be enough to turn some potential buyers off, their value more than pays off after a couple of years’ use. A hardwood cutting board can last upwards of a few years, and even more with regular cleaning and oiling of the grains.

Wood Cutting Board


If your kitchen knives are important to you, you’ll want to prepare your meals on a surface that protects them. A wood such as acacia is durable enough to last for many years but also sponge-like to help keep the blade safe from damage. As kitchen knives can cost upwards of $100 these days, you want to ensure they’re kept at their sharpest and most efficient.