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hardwood chef premium butcher block


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Prepare your food with the love it deserves

How we prepare our meals is just as important as the produce we use, so why should you settle for anything less in your kitchen? As one of the most used items in our kitchen, our cutting boards serve as a base for everything nutritious and wholesome we create in our homes.

No longer do you have to settle for cheap, unsanitary plastic, or subpar, brittle bamboo cutting boards or serving trays.  Aren’t you ready to flaunt your luxury kitchen products, instead of hiding them from guests?

This acacia cutting board from Hardwood Chef offers the user the absolute best in durability, functionality, and style, which can only be achieved with a unique wood such as this. Not only is the board functional and elegant, but it features the natural antibacterial properties of wood that make it ideal for food preparation and entertaining guests.

Quality construction

This luxury acacia wood cutting board, from the Hardwood Chef, has been designed in the USA using the highest quality wood sourced from the thick jungles of Malaysia. Measuring in at 16 x 12 inches, it provides ample space for both food presentation and preparation.

The thickness of this board comes in at just under 2 inches, providing the width needed to craft a durable and long lasting product. Acacia wood is renowned for its strength and quality as one of the premier hardwood species.

Acacia is a wood which has deep historical significance, known for its beautiful shimmering hues and unique grain patterns. This elegant wood is the clear choice for a quality material that can withstand many years of use in the kitchen, and won’t dull your knives in the process.




 Your cutting board could last for years!

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hardwood chef premium butcher block


featured articles

Change the way you entertain

Not only does the Hardwood Chef Premium Acacia Butcher Block function as the ideal space to prepare your food, but it also makes an elegant and rustic serving platter for guests. Whether you’re in an upscale restaurant or entertaining in style at home, there’s no denying the stunning appearance of this wood.

This gorgeous wooden board will be the focal point of your next gathering, providing a casual yet striking way to serve food. Cheese selections, fresh roast meats, or decadent fruit platters all come to life with this gorgeous wooden serving plate, and they can each be prepared using the very same board you present them with.

What better way to accentuate the hard work that goes into preparing your meals than to display them in a deserving manner. Wooden cutting boards are a growing trend among café and restaurant owners, helping to present the hard work of chefs in a unique way. Why not follow the latest trend in your own home, and bring your meals to life with the Hardwood Chef Premium Acacia Butcher Block.