Impeccably smooth.
Beautifully finished.

Built to last.

Bringing Rustic Artistry
To Your Kitchen.



Absolutely perfect! My kitchen is the pride and joy of my house and anyone who enjoys cooking and/or entertaining should have this in theirs. It is functional and elegant; cannot recommend enough!

Camber Goversnski

Wow! Upon opening the box, I almost didn't want to remove the gift-like wrapping as my hardwood cutting board was so elegantly packaged. Once unveiled, my cutting board is truly a work of art to behold! I immediately began using my new friend the night that I received it and my guests all raved about it's quality appearance. I love the different wood grains and the actual thickness of the cutting board. I have had many cutting boards over the years but this one is truly exceptional. I am going to buy several more and use them as gifts!

Thanks so much Hardwood Chef.

Victor Treglia

I’ve had this for a few months now and am delighted with it. It is solid and beautiful and easy on my knives. I oiled it early and often and it looks like new. Its thickness keeps it from sliding around the counter. There are no signs of any potential splitting. This is the cutting board you have been looking for!Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Robert Sackett