Three Ways to Make your Hardwood Board Front and Center!

The Holiday season is officially upon us! If you’re like many, your family gatherings may look a little different this year. With more people opting for smaller holiday events, large meal spreads will seem like too much work for lesser mouths to feed. Great snack ideas and food grazing concepts may be just the solution to offer a variety of flavors with minimal effort! And the best part? You can use your Hardwood Chef Board and Bowl to create these fun and festive food displays!

The Simple Fruit Board


This display is a simple and elegant way to offer a light fruit or berry snack, but it can also double as a decorative table centerpiece. With your hardwood chef board, you can select various of your favorite finger fruits for your guests to snack on before mealtime. Try a color-themed board display!

  • Christmas Red: Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red grapes, and slices of red apple will be a big blast of festive crimson to your table!
  • Pine Tree Green: Green grapes, green apple slices, green pear slices, and some decorative pine cones will surely add elegance as a centerpiece.
  • Holiday Kabob Platter: Pineapple, melon, strawberry, and cantaloupe chunks on kabob sticks allows guests to grab a skewer and snack while mingling with friends!

The Hors d’Oeuvres Board


The Hors d’Oeuvres display gives your guests a wide variety of appetizer choices! Cheeses, fruits, veggie bites, and sliced meats can be mixed and matched to suit everyone’s taste preferences!

  • Veggie Crudite: Sliced and cut veggies including carrots, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber along with a variety of dips – chilled and crisp bites that have a healthy taste in mind.
  • Antipasto Display: Assorted cheeses, crackers, cured/sliced meats, olives, pickles, pepperoncinis – guests can make little plates of fun!
  • The Classics: Assorted finger sandwiches, pinwheels, mini quiches, pizza bites, chips, and dips – the standard and traditional comfort food snacks all guests will love and enjoy.

The Main Event Board


This is the board that brings everyone together! Families can center around the food and share in hours of love and laughter! The main event board serves as your buffet station, self serve, right in the middle of your table! A main event board will make this a meal to remember with a vast array of entrees and sides to choose from!

  • Roasted Chicken or Turkey & Veggies: A roast chicken or turkey served on your hardwood chef board in the center of your table allows all the sides and veggies to be displayed around it! Fruits, slices of cheese, roasted veggies, and rolls will complement the main meat event and look like a meal fit for a royal family!
  • Tri-Tip or Prime Rib: Similar to the roast chicken board, a wonderfully cooked prime rib or tri-tip roast can be served on your hardwood chef board and sliced for everyone to help themselves as they desire. Condiments can be served along with rolls in your hardwood chef bowl – it’s a make your own steak sandwich delight.

Viola! Some unique and fun ways to enjoy the holiday food spreads you’ve come to love and cherish!

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