The Best Cutting Board for Meat to Serve Your Guests

Most people use their cutting boards for the most practical purpose, preparing and cutting the ingredients for their meals. However, with the new variety of cutting boards that are as visually pleasing as they are practical, you can now use your wooden cutting board as a rustic and charming serving platter.

You may have noticed the trend of serving meals and platters on wooden cutting boards at restaurants, so now it’s time to use this trendy look for your next dinner party or event. When serving up the sliced variety as an entrée or a full roasted hot dish to your guests, what is the best cutting board for meat?

The Perfect Party Accessory

Wooden types can be used as both meat carving boards and serving boards, making them functional and stylish. These trendy accessories look great being presented by yourself or wait staff, or simply sitting as the centrepiece on a table with food atop them.

Meat and Knife on Cutting Board

By using a wood cutting board for meat you’re inviting a more casual feel to meal time, where guests can select their own cuts as they wish. These pick and eat style get-togethers are becoming more popular as hosts steer away from formal dinner settings.

Whether you want to display cold meats and serve these as an entrée or use it to serve heated meat such as roasts, an acacia wood chopping board is the ideal mix of style and durability that will impress your guests.

When using cutting boards for meat displaying your food, you’ll add an instant authentic charm to your and display your food in a far modern presentation than traditional ceramic or glass serving platters.

Always ensure that your meat chopping board is clean and sanitised before placing the meat on it, and don’t serve anything to your guests that hasn’t been properly cooked. Particularly with the cold meat selection, you’ll need to be mindful of time limits for how long these can sit out with no refrigeration.

How to Display Cooked Meats

If you’re hosting a party or dinner and hot meats are on the menu, you’ll want the best meat cutting board around. To save on additional dishes, you can use a wooden cutting board to prepare your meat and serve it to guests in a unique but charming manner.

Here are just a few popular hot meat ideas that can present beautifully with a wooden cutting board:

Roast Meats

These wooden items can be used as carving boards for meat, so you’re able to carve a roast lamb or chicken on your board and then serve it straight to your guests. When displayed on these stunning boards, your meal will be given an instant touch of charm compared to serving it in the ceramic dish where you cooked it.


Why not impress the guests at your next cookout by adding some sophistication to this casual meal? Wooden meat cutting boards are ideal for serving up steaks, sausages, and other grilled barbecue treats in a unique and striking way.

Barbecue Meat on Cutting Board

Mediterranean Style Platters

For a party with a bit of a difference, why not steer clear of traditional cooking methods and serve some Mediterranean style delicacies on your wooden meat cutting boards. Think kebabs and satay sticks served alongside hummus and olives for a truly exceptional dinner your guests won’t forget.

How to Display Cold Meats

Cutting boards for meat don’t just have to be just the hot variety, as there are many ways you can impress your guests with simple cold cuts presented in a decadent manner. Here are a few ideas for serving cutting board meat alongside afternoon cocktails for a casual event or party.

Cheeses and Meats

Nothing goes better with wine than a fine selection of hard and soft cheeses, and some delicious sliced meat. Serving your meat and cheese on a wooden board can make your guests feel as if they’re dining at an exclusive vineyard right in the comfort of your home.

Cured Meats and Pate

For undeniable decadence and sophistication, pair some cold cured meats with a selection of pate at your next event. Known for its rich flavours, pate served on your authentic wooden boards is the perfect accompaniment to cured meat that takes your party to the next level.

All Meat Selection

If you don’t want to lose any focus from the main event, an all meat platter is the ideal way to wow your guests. You can group each of the meats into their own sections, or display them as a random assortment. If you have multiple wooden boards you might like to use one for meat and another for cheese and snacks.

The Best Meat Cutting Board

The best cutting board for meat is the acacia variety of wood. Not only does it feature all of the best benefits of hardwood boards, but it is one of the cheaper options as well. Acacia wood is durable, elegant, affordable, and simple to maintain, and its strength will last for many years.

Hardwood Chef Wooden Cutting Board

If you’re planning a party or event and are looking to wow your guests with your food preparation or serving, a wood meat cutting board is a clear choice. This is a design trend that will continue increasing in popularity, as many restaurants now prefer to present their meals on a wooden board for that special rustic charm.

An acacia wood cutting board is ideal for meat as it’s hygienic enough to keep harmful bacteria at bay, and will help to capture the flavours of the meat. Their ability to withstand high temperatures make them a clear choice for serving guests, and their rich wood charm will add allure to any event.