The Best Cutting Board for Cheese to Make Your Next Party a Hit

Cheese and parties go hand and hand, whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner event or having a few friends over for a casual wine and cheese afternoon. Finding the best cutting board for cheese is just as important as knowing how to prepare your food, so you need to put as much care and attention into both.

An acacia wood cutting board is able to serve two purposes, as a preparation tool for preparing the cheese as well as a stunning platter to serve your selection on. These boards are a more modern taken on the traditional long wooden cheese boards, and are far more practical too.

Four Kind of Cheese on Cutting Board

Not only is serving cheese at your next event sure to please the palates of all guests, but a selection of gorgeous varieties displayed on your wooden cheese cutting board is an ideal conversation piece as well.

Cheese for Any Event

There’s no denying that cheese is a globally loved delicacy, with so many flavours and varieties there is a taste to suit every person. Cheese makes the perfect sidekick to just about any drink or meal, whether it’s wine, cocktails, canapes or a full three-course meal.

Having a quality wooden cutting board in your kitchen ensures you’re always prepared for any type of event. Not only will your cutting board be able to aid in the preparation of these delicate cheeses, but you’ll also be able to present them beautifully on the very same butcher’s block.

Anytime you have guests over, your wooden cutting board can be used to display snacks or a full roasted meat, making it one of the most versatile items in your kitchen. Why not follow the trends of the hottest restaurants and add the instant appeal of a rustic wooden cutting board to your home?

The best cutting board for cheese is one that works with all types of varieties, hard or soft. A wooden cutting board is ideal for this purpose as it will allow you to cut smooth lines into your cheese, arrange your presentation, and then simply present the board to your guests and let them enjoy the flavours.

Selecting the Right Cheese

Before you can begin preparing your cheese cutting board, you’ll need to first establish what type of cheese you’ll prepare and for how many people. With a little bit of preparation, you can ensure you have enough cheese for all of your guests, and something to suit every palate.

How Many Guests are There

Once you have your RSVPs returned, you’ll then need to purchase enough cheese for each of these people. According to the Food Network, you should try to aim for 1 to 2 ounces of cheese per person. This will cover you for both an entrée cheese selection as well as an after dinner treat.

Are These Cheeses as an Entrée or Dessert

Depending on when you plan on serving them, there are different flavors you want to aim for. If your cheeses are a pre-dinner snack, opt for lighter varieties such as fresh mozzarella. However, for a dessert selection, it’s best to go for fuller flavoured varieties like blue cheese.

Four Kind of Cheese on Cutting Board

Do You Have Any Preferred Choices

If there’s a cheese that you really enjoy and want to showcase it, by all means display this on your cheese cutting board. There’s no point selecting a group of random cheeses if you’re not sure what their flavours are like.

Is There Anything You Need to Avoid

Your guests may have dietary requirements which can dictate some of what you choose to display. If you have a pregnant guest, for example, ensure there is hard cheese available for them but don’t get rid of your soft cheese selection altogether.

How to Cut and Display Your Cheeses

Now that you have your selection ready, it’s time to utilise your cheese cutting boards. The best cutting board for cheese is a wooden variety and one that you can then use to serve your cheese on once you’re done.

Always use one knife for each piece of cheese so that you don’t transfer the taste around, and be careful not to overcrowd the plate with too many varieties. No more than four kinds of cheese per wooden cutting board is ideal.

If you’re feeling creative, you can try to focus on one region for each wooden cutting board. For example, all of your French cheeses together and then some American choices on another board. Keep one board separate for fruit and crackers so that these don’t become mixed up with the flavour of the cheese.

The best cutting board for cheese is one that serves more than just the purpose of cutting, it should also be an elegant presentation platter and a conversation start in itself. Without the right serving platter for this amazing food, its taste and appearance will be wasted.

A Board for Both Cutting and Serving

The best cutting board for cheese should be able to serve as both a durable cutting surface as well as a gorgeous serving platter for your guests. At 16 x 12 inches, the Hardwood Chef Acacia Cutting Board can be used as a large cheese board fit for all types of events.

Hardwood Chef Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards are the latest accessory for your dinner or party, as these elegant innovations can be used to display a range of foods to your guests. Not only can you use them to prepare your food in a hygienic and efficient way, but they make for a stunning serving platter for cheeses, meats, and other snacks.

By serving your selection of cheeses on one of these unique cutting boards, you’re adding an instant casual charm to your next event. Your guest will be praising your carefully thought out selection of cheeses, as well as admiring your wooden cutting board too.